Andrew Yurman-Glaser


Height:   5' 11"

Weight:  175

Eyes:      Brown

Hair:       Brown



Mermaids                                   Ensemble - Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, NYC

First Lady                                    Ensemble - Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, NYC

Never Never                               Ensemble – Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, NYC
Armando Diaz Expereience     Ensemble – The Magnet Theater, NYC
The Wrath                                   Ensemble – The Magnet Theater, NYC
Upstate                                        Ensemble – The Magnet Theater, NYC, UCB Cage Match
The Kicks                                     Ensemble – The Magnet Theater, NYC

Stamp & Coin Club                    Ensemble – Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, NYC (Del Close Marathon)

Improvisational comedy, poker, bartending, licensed driver, general adorableness


Story Pirates                              Ensemble/Sketch – Drama Book Shop, NYC
Dispacho                                     Ensemble/Sketch – The Magnet Theater, NYC
Alchemy                                      Ensemble/Sketch – The Magnet Theater, NYC
Brand-O                                      Ensemble/Sketch – The Magnet Theater, NYC

Brand-O                                      Ensemble/Sketch – Producers Club Theater, NYC

Film & Television

Broad City                                  Crewman               Comedy Central

24-Hour Restaurant Battle      Wait Staff               Food Network

Brain Games                             Bad Comic              National Geographic

Training & Workshops


On Camera Commercial Class, U.C.B., N.Y.C., Stacy Gallo

Commercial Auditioning, Magnet, N.Y.C., T.J. Mannix



Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, N.Y.C.;

Will Hines, Neil Casey, Anthony King, Christina Gausas, Charlie Todd, Billy Merritt, Zach Woods, Shannon O'Neill, Michael Delaney, Joe Wengert, Jordan Klepper       

Magnet Theater, N.Y.C.; Armando Diaz, Alex Marino, Elana Fishbein, James Eason, Rick Andrews, Chet Siegel, Nick Kanellis, Louis Kornfeld

Rebecca Drysdale Classes, N.Y.C.; Rebecca Drysdale


VOICE:       Linklater Technique, Binghamton, N.Y.; Anne Brady